Outbound Technologies employs highly trained and qualified engineers in both the electrical and project management fields, which enable our design teams to provide our clients with the best result possible.

Outbound has designed hundreds of fabrication and assembly automation systems for various automotive and non-automotive applications, including:

  • Machine tool
  • Robots
  • Gantry’s, CNC’s
  • Parts washers
  • Material handling, transfer lines
  • Transmission assembly
  • Engine and sun roof assembly
  • Industrial Control Panels
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Electrical Field Equipment

These systems have been designed utilizing our ISO certified methods based project design engineering, disciplined practice/procedure and optimal communication and documentation to ensure fully functional systems. Outbound Technologies uses the latest technologies from soft logic, PLC’s, HMI’s, and embedded controllers to provide a complete turnkey solution.



  • AutoCAD Detailing Services
  • Electrical & Control System Hardwire Design
    • From Concept to Conclusion
  • Development of Sequence of Operation Documents
  • Electrical Load Studies
  • Lighting Design
  • Power Distribution Design
  • PLC Software
    • Specification
    • Design & Documentation
    • Bench Testing
  • HMI Software
    • Specification
    • Design & Documentation
    • Bench Testing
  • SCADA Software
    • Specification
    • Design & Documentation
    • Bench Testing
  • PC Based Automation Control Systems

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