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Plastic assembly projects have many challenges: flexible parts, unique material properties, part interference with tooling, inconsistent part warpage, aesthetic requirements, strength specification and quick cycle times. These intimidating challenges can create unnecessary delays.

Extol and Visumatic are plastic joining experts that have the necessary experience to anticipate potential challenges on new applications and optimize existing applications. Extol focuses on plastic welding, plastic staking, and plastic automation. Visumatic specializes in automated screwdriving and clip insertion:

Extol Incorporated: EXTOL, Inc. – Improving the way plastic products are made. (

Visumatic Industrial Products: Automated Screwdriving Systems | Visumatic Products

Assembly Solutions posted few images of plastic joining projects on our website that Extol and Visumatic designed, built, and commissioned in 2023:

Blog – Assembly Solutions Inc

Is there a plastic assembly application on your horizon in 2024 that Visumatic or Extol can support?

Would an onsite demonstration of Extol or Visumatic’s technology be beneficial??

We look forward to connecting with your team soon to support the next plastic joining application.