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Reducing assembly worker density is on everyone’s mind and now is the time to reconfigure your cell layouts to get ahead of the curve ~ and flatten the curve. If your operators are stuck side by side in the workflow, give them some space and a predictable co-worker they can always get along with. 

Visumatic’s fastening cobot assembly workstation is the perfect rapid deployment solution. 

We can help you analyze the operator area and rebalance the flow so that our collaborative robot cell can handle the greatest number of manual operations. The Visumatic team works in partnership with you to simultaneously improve assembly and implement the most efficient robot task map. 

Our variety of standard configuration packages have the built-in capability to fit your process flow. These advanced features include robot with proper reach, feed & drive gear, torque & angle fastening control, area safety scanners, and basic part fixturing, all self-contained on a mobile frame. 

Get out of the gate fast with Visumatic’s plug and play workstation to master labor resources while increasing product quality. 

Let the automated fastening technology experts reduce your implementation timeframe and improve worker safety. 



Assembly line before rebalance


Cobot workstation implemented



Visumatic Flexible Cobot Fastening Workstation 

Hits your floor ready to work and packed with these features: 

  • UR5e Collaborative Robot / 850mm Reach / Teach Pendant 
  • Visumatic VCM-3X.2 Screw Driving System for Applications Ranging from M2-M5 and 5-25mm Long. 
  • Torque/Angle Control Driver System (4-50 in/lb Range) 
  • Model 94 Feeder with Integrated Slide Pull-out Tray 
  • Basic Part Fixturing with Manual Clamping 
  • Visumatic Custom Built Frame Assembly, with mounted DC & UR Controller, Teach Pendant, J-Box, and Filter- Regulator. 
  • Opti-Touch Cycle Start Button 
  • Area Scanner with Defined Safety Enhancement Zones 
  • OPTIONAL: Light Tower Status Indicator 
  • OPTIONAL: Smart Fixture with Part Presence Sensors 

Base System starts at $79,950 with a 10-12 Week Lead Time.